5 Industries That Need Non-Slip Flooring

5 Industries That Need Non-Slip Flooring

Non-slip flooring will help minimize slippage, and this is very important in certain industries as it will create a safer environment and decrease the risk of slip and fall accidents which can be disastrous. Safety has to be a priority at all times for employees, clients, and guests, and it is a must that the following industries install non-slip flooring:

Healthcare Industries

Hospitals, nursing homes, and dental clinics need non-slip flooring as it will provide a number of benefits, including a very easy cleaning process. This is extremely important for healthcare and care industries as bacteria and illness are part of the environment, and non-slip flooring can be cleaned easily at the end of each day or in between appointments. Additionally, these offices will see a host of people walking through each and every day. Depending on the situation or weather, some may have difficulty moving, but non-slip flooring would allow everyone to get to their appointment safely.

Education Industries

Every classroom needs to be safe for children, teachers, and parents so that they are accident-free environments, as this would provide parents and the school board with peace of mind. Children love to play and run around, and non-slip flooring will help prevent accidents and injuries. This type of flooring should also be installed in school gymnasiums.


This is a fast-paced environment. Most people are rushing back and forth while dealing with heavy machinery, so it is very important that non-slip flooring is installed in all factories and manufacturing industries. Safety precautions must be prioritized, and non-slip flooring would allow everyone to move freely without the risk of falling down.

Shopping Malls

Shopping should be fun, and malls need to be safe so that customers are not slipping or falling while trying to get to their favourite stores. This is true regardless of whether a customer is rushing towards a sale or simply browsing at a leisurely pace because a shopping center needs to be safe at all times. Shopping malls can get very busy as thousands of people will come through the doors daily, so the space needs to be clean and safe so that customers can shop with peace of mind.

Restaurants and Commercial Kitchens

Kitchens can easily become slippery as a result of spills, certain ingredients, and beverages, so it is extremely important that non-slip flooring is installed to ensure the safety of everyone involved. This type of flooring would allow the staff to work comfortably as running around is part of this industry, including a fast-paced environment. The right flooring will prevent slip and fall accidents and ensure the restaurant complies with the highest health and safety standards.

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