Areas in your Workplace that Need Anti-slip Strips

Areas in your Workplace that Need Anti-slip Strips

Slip and fall accidents are very common in the workplace, and these can lead to serious work-related injuries. Many of these accidents can be prevented, and adding anti-slip tape and treads can help, especially if they are installed in the right areas.

Certain areas in the workplace are considered more dangerous than others, and it is recommended that you place anti-slip strips in the following areas:

Entrances and Exits

These high-traffic areas will allow water to enter a building through people’s shoes, so you have to be careful, and adding traction tape will help prevent people from slipping. Both workers and visitors will be safer and anti-slip strips will prevent them from falling.


Areas where elevation changes are very dangerous, where many slip and fall accidents occur, especially when surfaces are wet. The installation of anti-slip tape on ramps throughout the workplace will help drastically because people will be able to navigate safely through these areas.


This is one of the most dangerous areas of a workplace, and falling down the stairs can result in very serious injuries and sometimes even death. It is highly recommended that workplaces install anti-slip tape on each step, as this will increase traction and prevent people from slipping. Stairs can be very problematic, and this area has to be monitored at all times to ensure it is well-lit, clean and safe.

Loading Docks

Similar to building entrances, this, too, is a high-traffic area where workers are exposed to the elements. Most loading docks have ledges or ramps, and when you combine this aspect with wet weather and slippery conditions, this area becomes very hazardous but adding anti-slip strips will help quite a bit. Install these strips in parts of the loading dock where workers frequently walk so that they can load and unload materials safely.


If your workplace has a kitchen or cafeteria, you should install anti-slip strips in these areas because water and other liquids can spill on the floor, and people can easily slip. Wet surfaces should be eliminated, and if this is unavoidable for any reason, the use of anti-slip strips will help.


This is an area that can easily become wet because vehicles come in and out, and their tires will allow dirt, water, and other debris to enter your garage from the outdoors. The addition of anti-slip strips along walkways in the garage is very important as they will be very effective, even when you’re unable to mop up this space, as this is not always a possibility.

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