Does Your Anti-slip Products Meet Osha Standards?

Does Your Anti-slip Products Meet Osha Standards?

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has very specific standards when it comes to work environments and specific measures must be in place to prevent accidents caused by slip-related falls. If you do not comply with these standards, you may face extensive fines and injury costs, and depending on the severity of the accident, you may even have a lawsuit on your hands. 

To prevent these situations, you need to follow all of their guidelines and the use of anti-slip products is a very important safety feature you need to have in place. This will prevent people from experiencing a serious injury and the only way these products will be effective is if it meets all of the requirements during its installation process and throughout its use. 

Slip-resistant materials must be used on stairways, walkways, landing areas, as well as kitchens, fixed ladders, portable ladders, break rooms, and areas in which machinery is operated. Anti-slip products are a must because they can help prevent costly and dangerous accidents in the workplace. Injuries that occur around stairways, equipment, and ladders can be very serious. This type of incident would affect your entire operation because the injured employee would have to take time off to recover and would receive worker’s compensation to cover their losses. This would not only affect company morale, but your reputation as well, so it is very important that you inspect your anti-slip products to ensure it meets OSHA standards. This will prevent accidents in the workplace and will provide you with peace of mind.

GripStrip will provide a safe gripping surface on stairs where spills, slick shoes, and other conditions can affect a person’s footing. This product is inexpensive and is an effective solution that can reduce the number of accidents that may otherwise occur. Place them on stairways as a measure to help decrease both the risk and expense of dangerous accidents. 

Additionally, your company will experience improved productivity, better morale, and better product quality, so there are a number of benefits to a safe working environment. OSHA has guidelines in place for a reason and following them will allow your company to succeed, so make sure you are aware of these standards and brush up on the latest requirements to create a safe work environment.

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