Easy Goals to Accomplish Before Year End

Easy Goals to Accomplish Before Year End

The year is nearing the end and it’s a little frightening – so much anticipation, but little achieved. Days are flying by quickly and now you are feeling like time wasn’t on your side to get all the things on your “to-do” list done.

The few days left can break or make your year-end accomplishment mood. Don’t worry, there is still time to squeeze in a few more projects that can make a big difference. 

Here are 5 things you can do that will help make an impact before the end of the year.

Patch the Holes in Walls: Your art-arranging project may have gone haywire or you can’t bear seeing the unsightly dings around your house. Try concealing the wall blemishes to create more character in your house. It’s a simple one-day project that will make a huge improvement to the entire home. With a surfacing compound and a puffy knife, repair the nail holes as well as other small wall imperfections. If large holes are a problem, use an adhesive patch and spread a drywall compound over the patch using a trowel. When the patch is dry, apply paint.

Learn How to Fold a T-shirt: The blouses, dresses, and button-downs are all vying for the little hanging space in the closet. Don’t hang up your T-shirts, instead, fold and keep them neatly on open shelving. T-shirts don’t make the cut to have their own hanger. Luckily, if folded the right way, the casual tops are a good fit for shelf space and drawers because they don’t crease or wrinkle easily, which is what happens with crisp dress shirts. You may have to do them a couple of times before you learn how to fold T-shirts, but when done, you won’t have to deal with sloppy cast-offs of shirts, anymore.

Make the Entrance More Inviting: Christmas and New Year’s Eve are just around the corner.  Your entrance mirrors your home’s interior space. Make a lasting impression on your guests with a touch of landscaping and cheery front-door colour. It does magic to the curb appeal of your home. Add potted plants and a welcome mat near the entrance to spruce up the look front-door space. Illuminating the walkway allows your guests to stay safe when walking around.

Be Savvy on Storage: You need every other extra space available in your home. If the home doesn’t have closet space, you may want to place shelves and pegs inconvenient nooks so you have places where you can hang, display, and store everyday necessities. It will help declutter your house.

Install GripStrips: If you entertain a lot around the Holidays, you might be wondering what can prevent guests from stumbling on slippery stairs.  For stair safety and safer footing, GripStrips are a great solution. Install GripStrips on outdoor stairs and slippery walkways to prevent slips and falls.  They are tough, long-lasting and are easy to install in less than a minute per stair.

That’s it… you have just set yourself up to end the year in a rewarding way!