How To Clean Safety Gripstrips

How To Clean Safety Gripstrips

GripStrips remain effective throughout all weather conditions and even when they are dirty because of how they are engineered. Made of slip-resistant plastic, GripStrips are the ultimate long-term solution recommended for stabilizing stairs. With that being said, many users still like to keep their GripStrips clean, looking great, and free from dirt or debris. Here is how you can clean safety GripStrips.

Cleaning GripStrips

Unlike other anti-slip solutions, GripStrips are extremely weather-resistant. Rain, sleet, snow, and ice are no match for this ultimate solution. Instead of sticking to your stairs with adhesive, they are screwed into the stairs and provide a lasting grip. GripStrips can still get dirty; caked-on mud is hard to avoid, especially on outdoor steps. With constant traffic going up and down the stairs, the unavoidable mud and debris will slightly reduce their effectiveness. Easily clean your GripStrips with plain old soap and warm water. You can also use a pressure washer for a quick and easy clean because GripStrips are screwed into the surface they protect and will stay in place no matter how much pressure you use!

Don’t want to see dirt on your GripStrips?

Do you notice you always have dirt on your Grey, brown, or yellow GripStrips? Luckily, our 32” X 2” strips come in black as well! The colour black is a lot better at concealing mud, dirt, and debris. If you want to remove messes less often or have them not show up as much on your GripStrips, consider switching to the black colour!

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