How To Make Outdoor Wood Stairs Less Slippery

How To Make Outdoor Wood Stairs Less Slippery

Outdoor wood stairs are quite a popular choice for homeowners, but despite their attractive look, they can be quite dangerous if you don’t take the proper precautions. Have you ever been in a rush and needed to run back inside on a rainy day only to land flat on your back? If you want to avoid getting into that situation again, then you need to find a way to make your wooden steps less slippery. 

The easiest way is to add texture by installing an anti-slip solution. Here are some more details on how you can make your outdoor stairs less slippery:

Transparent Anti-Slip Strips

These strips will allow you to continue to see your beautiful, finished wooden steps. As their name says, these are transparent strips. These strips work with both indoor and outdoor applications and on many types of surfaces. 

Anti-Slip Tape

This is something you have probably seen in a commercial or in public places. This is the rough, black tape that you can find in stairwells. It will stick and provide an effective non-slip surface for stairs of all types. It is actually made of 80 grit sandpaper on an adhesive backing.


GripStrips are a revolutionary product that was designed for exterior stairs of all materials. They provide a safer footing and can help prevent slips and falls during the harshest weather conditions. They are great to use all year long because they can withstand shoveling, salting, pressure washing, and heavy traffic from different types of footwear. They will not peel or rip! Each GripStrip is pre-punched and slotted, so you can put that drill away! The slots are also designed to expand with the wood as it expands and contracts naturally.

For more information about how to make your hardwood stairs less slippery, contact GripStrip today.