How to Make Stairs Safe for seniors

How to Make Stairs Safe for seniors

Stairs can be dangerous for anyone but are especially dangerous for seniors who are more likely to fall. This can result in severe injuries and broken bones, and the consequences of such an accident can be deadly, so stair safety must be prioritized to prevent the risk of falls. 

While stairs can be problematic, seniors should not be forced out of their homes, and the following guide will help make stairs safe so that seniors can continue to live independently and safely:

1. Install railings

All stairways in homes should have handrails on both sides as this will make a difference in terms of comfort and safety. Seniors will be able to rely on railings for support and will be able to climb up and down their staircase easily. Railings should be available right from the bottom step to the top, and users must be able to grip the moment they reach the stairs. Handrails should be added to all stairways in the home. They should also be securely mounted so that they are not wiggling.

2. Remove carpet runners

While carpet runners may look nice, they increase the risk of falls, so it’s best to remove this décor element. The surface of your steps must be safe, and carpet runners will make it harder for seniors to go up and down, especially if they use a cane, so it’s best to eliminate this element.

3. Improve lighting

Stairways must be well lit as vision difficulties can make staircases even more dangerous. Install good lighting in the right areas to ensure that vision is never compromised, allowing seniors to go up and down the stairs safely. Overhead lighting is ideal as this will prevent shadows, and seniors will not struggle with depth perception, which can be very problematic.

4. Make sure the path is clear

Stairways should be clutter-free at all times, and a clear path must be maintained to ensure safety. It’s common for people to use their first few stairs as a place to store items, but this is very dangerous because these items can become a tripping hazard. Never place objects on your stairs, even if you have the intention to take them upstairs later that day because it only takes one second for a dangerous accident to occur.

5. Add non-slip strips

This is a very effective solution that can increase safety on steps as they will provide people with a grip to climb stairs safely. This is especially important for hardwood stairs which can be very slippery. 

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