How To Prevent Outdoor Slip And Fall Accidents

How To Prevent Outdoor Slip And Fall Accidents

Slip and fall accidents are quite common and can happen anytime, anywhere. Outdoor areas, in particular, are very concerning because the elements can make sidewalks and properties even more dangerous, and this can increase the chances of a person losing traction between their shoe and the surface on which they are walking on.

Weather hazards, uneven grounds, and clutter on walking surfaces are just some of the most common problems that can lead to the loss of traction, which will result in a slip or fall. This can cause very serious and painful injuries, so homeowners have to be careful and take all of the necessary steps to ensure their property is well maintained. This would prevent accidents and lower the risk of a slip or trip.


The good news is that you can consider a few options when it comes to outdoor slip and fall prevention, and GripStrip is a great start. The use of GripStrip is a quick and effective way to prevent slip and fall accidents, and all you’ll have to do is install a GripStrip on each exterior stair, ramp or any area that would benefit from this product. GripStrips are strong enough to withstand the elements and offer the necessary traction required to prevent falling accidents. They will also stand up to heavy foot traffic and are easy to clean off after it has snowed or rained.


Adequate exterior lighting will also make a big difference because people will be able to see curbs, uneven surfaces, and icy areas, so they will know to be extra careful when walking on these surfaces. Proper lighting will lower the risk of slip and fall accidents and you will have options when it comes to outdoor lighting, so you will be able to find something you like. Handrails should also be considered because this will help tremendously in preventing slip and trip accidents, so install handrails on outdoor staircases, which is actually almost always a requirement. If there are handrails already in place, make sure they are properly installed and in good working order because wobbly handrails are unacceptable.


Finally, outdoor upkeep is also a must because this will help keep people safe, so this is a procedure you need to stick to during every season and any walking areas should always remain clear. Wet leaves, dirt, ice, and snow can all lead to slip and fall accidents outside, so it is a must that you remove these elements through good outdoor upkeep.

If you are looking for a product that will help prevent outdoor slip and fall accidents, GripStrip is the answer. Our product will help make your outdoor staircases a lot safer for you, your customers, and your employees, so if you are interested in quality outdoor anti-slip stair treadscontact us today!