Improve Your Outdoor Stair Safety

Improve Your Outdoor Stair Safety

Stairs can be very dangerous, and this is true regardless of whether a staircase is inside or outside. Regardless of location, stair safety must be prioritized because slip and fall accidents often result in severe injuries and dangerous consequences. This is especially true for outdoor stairs as they can be covered with rain and ice, and stair surfaces can be extra slippery and dangerous. 

When it comes to site safety, outdoor stairs need to be at the top of your list, and the following ideas will help improve this aspect:

1. Add handrails

All workplaces should have handrails on their staircases, which should be the case for homes and public spaces. Handrails will make a world of difference in terms of safety because they would allow people to steady themselves if they trip or slip, which can help prevent serious injuries. The installation of stair rails will help decrease the risk of slip and fall accidents, and having one on either side of your outdoor stairway is ideal as this will further reduce the risk of an accident.

2. Be mindful of colour schemes

Steps and stairways should be free of patterns or colour schemes, which would be distracting. This would also make it hard for some people to judge the depth perception of the stairs, which would make them even more dangerous and increase the risk of slip and fall accidents. It is recommended that you use a single colour for your outdoor stairs, and the edges should be painted with a bold colour like white as this will help people see where the next step is.

3. Consider the surface

The surface of the stairs must be safe as this will help maintain stair safety. The surface must be rough so that a person’s shoes can grip the step, which would allow them to climb up and down safely and efficiently. Smooth surfaces are dangerous as they will cause people to slip and fall, especially during the winter months whenever stairs are covered in rain, snow, and ice.

Outdoor stairs must be well maintained to remain safe all year round. The proper steps need to be taken to ensure stair safety and GripStrip is the ideal product in this regard. Our anti-slip stair strips will help prevent accidents and provide you with peace of mind, so you must apply our products to steps to decrease the risk of slips and falls. If you are looking for the perfect solution to improve stair safety, GripStrip is the answer.