What to do After a Slip & Fall Incident

What to do After a Slip & Fall Incident

Slip and fall accidents are fairly common and can happen to anyone, anywhere. In most cases, the incident will not be your fault, so you need to be aware of the steps you need to take if you encounter this type of accident.

If you ever slip, trip or fall, make sure you do the following:

Seek Medical Treatment Right Away

Your health must be prioritized, so you need to seek help right away after a slip, trip or fall accident. If you feel pain or think that you are hurt, you need to visit a doctor so that they can assess the severity of the situation and properly document your accident. They will be able to provide you with treatment, and their medical records can also be used as evidence if you decide to seek compensation.

Report the Incident

Regardless of whether the accident happens inside a store, on a sidewalk or at someone’s house, you need to report the accident to the manager, landlord or owner so that they are aware. Get all of the details of the incident in writing and ask the person to make a written report as well and make sure they provide you with a copy before you leave.

Collect as Much Information as You can

You must collect any witnesses' names, addresses, and phone numbers because their statements can help with your claim. It’s also important that you take pictures of the exact location where you fell, along with any icy patches or other dangerous conditions that caused your accident. Write down everything, including the way you fell and the time and date of the accident, in case this information is required afterwards when making a claim and seeking compensation.

Be Careful with What You Say

It’s highly likely that the property owner or manager will try to communicate with you following your accident, but you need to limit your answers while staying calm, so decline to give statements. It’s also a must that you do not give a statement to an insurance company until you’ve spoken to a lawyer.

Call a Lawyer

If you are considering taking legal action, you need to contact an attorney as their experience and knowledge will guide you through this process. Slip and fall accidents are often complicated and hard to prove, so it’s best to turn to a reputable law firm as they will help you receive the compensation you deserve. 

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