What to put on Carpet Stairs to prevent Slipping?

What to put on Carpet Stairs to prevent Slipping?

Covering your steps can give a milder and less boisterous surface for you to stroll here and there. Be that as it may, covered steps can rapidly turn elusive and represent a genuine security risk for all who stroll on the flight of stairs. For certain individuals, covered steps are more hazardous and dangerous than hardwood steps. Luckily, you can add clear, vinyl step defenders that will keep the rug from destroying rashly while lessening the tricky idea of the steps.

Stage 1 

Open the bundle and lay the step defenders out level. On the off chance that conceivable, peruse and follow the bearings included with the step defenders for best outcomes. 

Stage 2 

Start at the top advance and spot a step defender on the progression. The edge of the defender will fold around the edge of the progression and join to the zone under the form of the progression. 

Stage 3 

Spot a floor covering tack in the pre-poked holes and delicately pound into the progression with a mallet. Keep beating tacks into the pre-poked holes with a sled until the step defender is made sure about the covered advances. 

Stage 4 

Keep introducing the reasonable defenders in a similar way as before until you have connected an unmistakable, vinyl defender on each progression.